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Act for Depression
A 1-day Masterclass with Robert Zettle, PH. D.

APS-endorsed: PD Code: 11-751. 6 Hours (CCOUN, CCLIN, CHP)

NB: you must have attended at least a 2-day introductory ACT workshop (ACT Training Part 1) with a recognised ACT trainer.

Workshop Overview

Do you work with depressed clients? Would you like to use ACT more effectively with them - to help them get past the apathy, fatigue and lack of motivation; to help them move from a bleak psychological space of cognitive fusion and experiential avoidance into one of mindfulness and values? If so, don't miss this workshop with Robert Zettle, the world's leading authority on ACT with depression.

ACT has been shown to compare favourably to cognitive therapy of depression (Zettle & Hayes, 1986; Zettle & Rains, 1986) and to mediate therapeutic improvement through mechanisms of action that are specific to the model upon which it is based (Hayes et al., 2006; Zettle, Rains, & Hayes, 2011).

The workshop will teach participants how to use the ACT model with clients who warrant a diagnosis of unipolar depression. Participants will learn - from case study, role play and skills practice - to develop their skills in using ACT effectively for the treatment of depression: to overcome apathy and ambivalence; to motivate the unmotivated; to activate the highly inactive; to defuse from self-limiting belief systems; to access values and set meaningful goals; to overcome the common barriers to change in highly depressed clients; and to tailor mindfulness exercises specifically for this condition.

Workshop dates are:

Sydney- 18 June 2012

Brisbane - 19 June 2012

Melbourne - 21 June 2012

You Will Learn:

  • Skills in using clinical behavior analysis for understanding and working with clients who exhibit depressive behaviors.
  • How to conduct a functional assessment of problem behaviours, and turn it into a powerful action plan
  • How to overcome apathy, unwillingness, ambivalence and effectively facilitate behavioural activation.
  • How to overcome common experiential barriers to committed action

Using skills-practice, role play, and case studies, you will further develop your ability to

  • Use ACT skills effectively with common presenting problems in depression.
  • Effectively handle suicidal ideation and related behaviours, as well as behavioural passivity and social withdrawal.

This workshop will provide the practitioner with the skills and knowledge they need to use ACT effectively with a wide range of depression-related issues. Attendees will receive new tools and handouts that they can start using immediately with their clients.

Duration: workshops run from 9am - 4.30pm
Fee: $265 (lunch is not provided, but there are cafes nearby)

About the Presenter

Robert Zettle is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Wichita State University, in the United States. He is the world's leading authority on the use of ACT for depression and (perhaps not surprisingly) he is the author of the popular textbook ACT For Depression.

Rob was actually the first ever doctoral student of Steve Hayes (the originator of ACT), and he conducted the first randomized clinical trial of ACT, comparing it to cognitive therapy for treatment of depression. For over 25 years, Rob has continued research on both basic and applied dimensions of ACT. He is a charismatic and entertaining presenter, and regularly runs ACT training workshops at a wide variety of international conferences all over the world. This is his first "workshop tour" of Australia.

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