Brand New: Live Online Workshops

Check out these new engaging, interactive, live online ACT workshops with Russ Harris – including therapy demonstrations, experiential exercises, and regular ‘breakout sessions’

What’s Involved?

In his live online workshops, Russ covers all the same material as he does in his ‘in person’ face-to-face workshops – and you’ll be able to communicate with him at any time throughout the workshop, via the chatbox.

Each live workshop will be recorded, and you’ll have access to the recording for one month afterwards.

To keep it engaging, there are lots of experiential exercises, therapy demonstrations, and regular ‘breakout sessions’ – where you’ll interact in small groups with other participants, within a digital ‘breakout room’. The workshops are structured with lots of short regular breaks, so you don’t get ‘zoomed out’.

What’s The Duration?

For each live online workshop:
Day 1 will be 9 to 3pm Melbourne time (AEST)
Day 2 will take place one week later – also 9 to 3pm (AEST).

In the 6 days between Day 1 and Day 2,  the aim is for you to:
a) experiment with tools, techniques and strategies from Day 1, and
b) to do two hours of light study (reading, watching videos, and listening to audios).

How Are Live Online Workshops Different To Webinars or Online Courses?

A ‘webinar’ is a short lecture, presentation or seminar.
An ‘live online workshop’ is just like attending an ‘in person’ face-to-face workshop – except you interact with the presenter via your computer, tablet or phone.
An ‘online course’ means a pre-existing program that consists of videos, audio recordings, texts, exercises, and quizzes, with a chat forum to discuss the content.

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Please note: you must do at least a 2-day introductory level ACT training (face-to-face or online, with any ACT trainer) before you can attend our advanced level face-to-face or online workshops