ACT for Relationships – Live Online – July 6, 7, 13, 14 Australia Eastern Time (Sydney). 5.40pm – 9.00pm

$515.00 Incl. GST


ACT for Relationships – Online Workshop (Four Half-Day Sessions)

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a powerful model for building, repairing and enhancing important close relationships. This practical and experiential online workshop with Russ Harris will teach you how to apply ACT effectively to common relationship problems, including: attachment issues, lack of intimacy, excessive conflict, infidelity and betrayal, hostility and aggression, withdrawal and avoidance, passivity and defensiveness, resentment, blame, sexual problems, and a whole lot more! While the focus is on couples, the principles, exercises and strategies you’ll learn can easily be applied to any important close relationship. Note: This is an advanced-level training, which assumes you already know the basics of ACT.

While the focus is on couples, the principles, exercises and strategies you’ll learn can easily be applied to any important close relationship. Note: This is an intermediate-advanced level training. You need to know ACT basics.

Training takes place via Zoom and will be recorded.

July Workshop – Best for UK, Europe, Asia, Australia
July 6, 7, 13, 14
Australian Eastern Time (Sydney): 5.40 pm – 9.00 pm
British Summer Time (London): 8.40 am – 12.00 noon
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Workshop Description

The workshop will be intensely practical. You will get to observe, practice, reflect on, and develop the core skills of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and their application in common relationship issues.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The five core pathological processes involved in common relationship issues, and how to effectively target them
  • Five simple ways to cultivate acceptance of your partner
  • How to work quickly but powerfully with attachment issues
  • How to handle painful, complex situations with no easy answers
  • How to increase intimacy and openness
  • How to help clients handle their anger, reduce aggression, fight fairly, and resolve conflicts
  • How to build or rebuild “mindful trust’ (as opposed to “blind trust’)
  • How to practice forgiveness
  • How to help clients choose whether to stay or leave a relationship
  • How to work with insecurity, vulnerability, jealousy
  • How to overcome fears of rejection, abandonment or intimacy
  • How to overcome vicious cycles, such as “pursuer vs distancer”
  • How to effectively apply ACT with a wide range of common issues, including: sexual problems, infertility, different parenting styles, infidelity and betrayal, hostility and aggressiveness, withdrawal and avoidance, passivity and defensiveness, resentment and blame
  • A simple 4-step formula for applying ACT to any relationship issue

You will also receive extensive support materials, including handouts and worksheets, MP3s of key exercises, and a 6-week follow up e-course.

Training Logistics

This four-session online training will be live and interactive.
You’ll be able to ask the presenter questions, and there will be ‘breakout rooms’ for interacting with other participants.
Each session of training will last for three hours and twenty minutes. This consists of three hours’ training plus two 10-minute breaks.
The training will take place via Zoom and will be recorded.
You’ll receive the recording of each day’s session within 24 hours – and you’ll have access to it for 8 weeks.

Zoom link: The Zoom link will go out to participants twice: five days before and two days before day one.

Certificates: Attendance certificates will be sent by email, 24 hours after the final session of training. Certificates will indicate the number of direct education hours (12), not including breaks. Certificates may be used to qualify for eligibility for Continuing Education or Professional Development credits from licensing boards and professional colleges; it is the participant’s responsibility to contact their college or association to confirm its requirements and the workshop’s eligibility for CPD/CEU/CE credits.

About Russ Harris

Dr Russ Harris, author of the best-selling self-help book ‘The Happiness Trap‘, is an internationally-renowned trainer of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). Russ’s background is in medicine. As a GP he became increasingly interested in the psychological aspects of health and wellbeing, and increasingly disenchanted with writing prescriptions. Ultimately this interest led to a total career change, and he now works in two different, yet complementary roles: both as a therapist and as a coach.

Since 2005, Russ has run over 800 two-day workshops and provided ACT training for over 60,000 health professionals, including therapists, coaches, counsellors, doctors, and psychologists. He has authored four ACT textbooks (ACT Made Simple, Trauma-Focused ACT, Getting Unstuck in ACT, ACT Questions & Answers), and four ACT-based self-help books (The Happiness Trap, The Reality Slap, The Confidence Gap and ACT With Love). The Happiness Trap is now the most widely-translated ACT book in the world, with over one million copies sold worldwide and editions in over 30 languages. (To download the opening chapter, click here)

Russ has a unique model for training, which he calls ‘ACT Made Simple’, because it covers so much material in a short space of time. (In fact, he even has even written an introductory textbook on ACT, titled ‘ACT Made Simple’. To download the first chapter, click here.) He proudly proclaims each workshop a ‘jargon-free zone’ – and bases his training on three core values: simplicity, clarity, and having fun. His highly-acclaimed ACT workshops are brief, powerful, cost-effective and life-enhancing. Participants regularly report not only major improvements in their therapy and/or coaching, but also in their personal lives – and evaluation forms frequently praise his ability to make complex ideas seem very simple. (For examples, go to testimonials )