Tune-up Tuesdays: Practical, Playful Webinars To ‘Lift Your ACT’

Every second Tuesday, Russ is running webinars on hot topics in ACT.

Just like his live workshops and online courses, these webinars will be choc-a-block full of practical tips, useful strategies, and experiential exercises, to help both you and your clients.

Starting from Tuesday April 28th, these webinars will run from 6.30pm to 9pm Melbourne time (AEST). And they will be recorded, so you can access them for up to three weeks after the event. We’ve also included a freebie: Self-Compassion – Building Blocks and Barriers. Scroll down for details


Topics: Scroll down for descriptions, dates, and registration

#1     Telehealth: How To Do ACT Well Via Video or Audio
#2     Brief Interventions in ACT for Trauma
#3     ACT For Grief and Loss

FREE: Self-Compassion: Building Blocks and Barriers

#4     ACT With Shame, Guilt and Anger
#5     Fusion, Intrusion & Obsession: Using ACT With Intrusive Thoughts, Obsession & Rumination
#6     Working With The Body in ACT
#7     ACT and Exposure: A Compassionate, Flexible Approach
#8     ACT for Relationship Issues
#9     ACT for Addiction
#10   Measly Motivation: Homework Horrors, Hopelessness, Nihilism & Other Common Barriers

Note: all webinars assume at least a beginners-level knowledge of ACT.

Each 2.5 hour seminar will be $50 (Australian Dollars).


Scroll down to find dates and descriptions for each webinar.
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#1 Telehealth: How To Do ACT Well Via Video or Audio

Presenters: Russ Harris and Joe Oliver, author of ACTivate Your Life

Learn practical tips and strategies for effective telehealth sessions, including how to:
prepare for sessions,
keep your clients engaged.
keep your sessions focused and productive,
adapt, modify and deliver ACT interventions effectively – via video or audio
enhance engagement and maintain motivation between and after sessions.

Tuesday April 28th, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)


#2 Brief Interventions in ACT for Trauma

Presenter: Russ Harris

As the Corona crisis unfolds, there’s an ever-growing need for working with trauma. The emphasis will be
on practical interventions that you can do in 30 minutes or less.  Drawing heavily upon FACT (Focussed
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), you’ll learn how to do safe but effective experiential work, and rapidly
help your clients develop truly practical skills to cope with common symptoms of trauma, including flashbacks,
hyperarousal, hypoarousal and dissociation.

Tuesday May 12th, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)


#3 ACT For Grief and Loss

Presenter: Russ Harris

Learn brief interventions for responding to grief and loss, including grounding, self-compassion, finding
meaning amidst loss, taking a stand, rebuilding your life, and engaging in the midst of suffering.  This
webinar will loosely follow the four steps outlined in Russ’s bestselling self-help book on grief, The Reality Slap.
Includes videos of real client sessions, working with intense grief reactions.

Tuesday May 26th, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)

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FREE WEBINAR : Self-compassion – Building Blocks and Barriers

Presenter: Russ Harris

This free webinar, which involve lots of experiential exercises, to actively develop your skills, includes:
– an in-depth look at how self-compassion infuses the whole ACT model, and involves all the core processes
– how to talk about self-compassion without using ‘flowery’, ‘poetic’, ‘new-age’ or ‘hippy’ language, and make it appealing to everyone from adolescents to armed forces
– short, simple self-compassion exercises you and your clients can use any time, any place
– longer, more meditative self-compassion exercises for more intensive interventions
– 15 common barriers to self-compassion, and how to overcome them
– how to break self-compassion down into tiny ‘building blocks’, for clients who find it difficult or threatening

Tuesday June 2nd, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)


#4 ACT With Shame, Guilt and Anger

Presenter: Russ Harris

Many therapists struggle to apply ACT with difficult emotions such as shame, guilt or anger. Learn how
to ‘deconstruct’ these emotions into smaller elements, which are much easier to work with, and how to
approach them from any point on the hexaflex. Learn how to normalise and validate emotions, help
clients understand their purpose and origin, and rapidly segue into defusion, acceptance and self-compassion.

Tuesday June 9th, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)


#5 Fusion, Intrusion & Obsession: Using ACT With Intrusive Thoughts, Obsession & Rumination

Presenter: Russ Harris

How do we work with the trickiest, stickiest fusion – when clients are obsessing, ruminating or worrying
and find it almost impossible to unhook? How do we work with intrusive thoughts, and disrupt the
vicious cycle of experiential avoidance? Learn simple but powerful defusion, acceptance and exposure
strategies to effectively handle these challenging cognitive processes.

Tuesday June 23rd , 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)


#6 Working With The Body in ACT

Presenter: Russ Harris

Working with the body is a very important part of the ACT model, yet it’s often given a background
seat in training. We’ll look at the many ways we can use body movement, body posture, body
awareness, and the mind-body connection as a central focus of our therapy. (No wonder Peter
Levine, the creator of Somatic Experiencing, acknowledges ACT as a form of somatic therapy.)  You’ll
learn how to bring in all the core ACT processes when working with the body – especially when dealing
with trauma, anxiety and depression.

Tuesday July 7th, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)

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#7 ACT and Exposure: A Compassionate, Flexible Approach

Presenter: Russ Harris

ACT is an exposure-based model. In this webinar, you’ll learn about ‘new school’ exposure, based on
inhibitory learning theory and how can it be more effective than ‘old school’ exposure, based on the
concept of ‘habituation’. You’ll then learn how to do compassionate, values-guided exposure in flexible
ways, to supercharge ACT with trauma, OCD, anxiety, and many other disorders.

Tuesday July 21st, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)


#8 ACT for Relationship Issues

Presenter: Russ Harris

This webinar loosely follows the protocol of Russ’s best-selling self-help book, ACT With Love. Learn
simple, practical strategies for using ACT with common relationship issues – including values conflicts,
disconnection, infidelity, aggression and loneliness.

Tuesday August 4th, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)


#9 ACT for Addiction

Presenter: Russ Harris

Learn how to use simple functional analysis tools to rapidly develop an ACT treatment plan for any type
of addictive behaviour; how to overcome resistance and get buy-in; how to titrate ‘creative hopelessness’
to suit the client; how to bring in self-compassion early; how to deconstruct any addictive behaviour into
three core elements that make it a whole lot easier to work with; how to teach ‘urge-surfing’, and how to
create relapse prevention plans.

Tuesday August 18th, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)


#10 Measly Motivation: Homework Horrors, Hopelessness, Nihilism & Other Common Barriers

Presenter: Russ Harris

Last but definitely not least in this webinar series, we tackle the huge problem of motivation. How do we
motivate the unmotivated, dissolve resistance, win over mandated or coerced clients, get people actually
doing their homework, help clients defuse from hopelessness or nihilism, and get past all those other
common barriers to committed action? In our final action-packed webinar, you’ll learn a wealth of practical
strategies to deal with all the above.

Tuesday September 1st, 6.30-9pm Melbourne time (AEST)

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