Mindfulness Skills Volume 1 (MP3 Instant Download)

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Mindfulness Skills Volume 1 – CONTENTS

Track 1: Introduction
This is a simple 4-minute introduction to the concept of mindfulness.

Track 2: Mindfulness of Breathing
This is a 22-minute exercise, which teaches mindfulness of the breath and the body. It is ideal to practice with this track every day. A bell rings halfway through, so you can do an 11-minute version if you’re very busy.

Track 3: Mindfulness of Emotions
This is a 16-minute exercise designed to be used whenever you feel in the grip of strong negative emotions, such as anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness, depression etc.

Track 4: ‘Leaves On A Stream’
This is a 12-minute exercise to help you develop the skill of letting your thoughts come and go, without getting caught up in them.

Track 5: ‘The Observing Self’
This is a 15 minute exercise designed to help you connect with a higher sense of self: a perspective from which you can observe even the most painful thoughts and feelings without being threatened by them.

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